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Even with excellent preventative maintenance, repairs are sometimes required. But good PM’s do reduce the frequency of repairs.

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Why Choose Dunlis Mechanical

When your equipment requires a repair, you’ll want a highly qualified technician who can make a timely and accurate diagnosis and complete repairs efficiently and cost-effectively.

That describes the Dunlis Mechanical Services crew of high-quality technicians!

You can expect more from Dunlis

  • We deliver 7 day a week, 24 hour-a-day emergency service response
  • We provide “On-Time Repairs” typically within 4 hours for Service Agreement Customers

  • We repair all makes and models of equipment – our experienced technicians are skilled diagnosticians resulting in reduced downtime
  • We deliver transparent billing
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Our Repair Services Include

Air Conditioning

Balancing, specialty filtration, multi-zone, roof-tops

Air Quality

Clean rooms, filtration, make-up air, ventilation


Reciprocating, screw


Pneumatic, industrial


Custom sheet metal / ductwork design, manufacturing, installation

Gas boilers / burners


Heat pumps, geothermal


Controlled environment, dehumidification, process

Pumps, piping

Clean rooms, filtration, make-up air, ventilation


Process, low temp, cascade, storage

Are you in one of the following industries?

  • Financial Services
  • Information technology / telecommunications
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail / office / commercial
  • Healthcare / retirement care
  • High-rise and low-rise multi-tenant
  • Institution / education
  • Controlled environment / pharmaceutical / laboratory / petroleum
  • Automotive / transportation

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